Right now, I have a problem. I am currently studying History and Archaeology at university, a degree that requires reading. Sometimes this reading is interesting and sometimes it makes me question several of my life choices. Either way I have a lot of it to do, and this means I do not have much time to read for pleasure. Of course I do have other time at university but I choose to use that watching a film or youtube, or to socialise. I really do want to read however, and I see so many books that look too inviting to simply walk away from and thus I buy them anyway.

And this is where my problem arises. I am addicted to buying books that I know I have no time to read. The picture below is the current pile of books I have (I am half way through the top one), baring in mind at the beginning of 2016 I had no books left outstanding…DSCF1089

The most annoying part of this problem is I know I could easily make time for reading and that my mind would thank me for it. Every night I lie in bed on my phone until my eyelids begin to shut by themselves and then finally I turn it off and sleep. I know how unhealthy this is and yet I continue to do it. If I turned my phone off an hour before bed and read for 45 minutes instead, I would fall asleep in a far more peaceful way.

This entire issue is of course all my own fault. Whether its because I’m too lazy to change my habits or I do not want to miss out on anything via social media, it is all my own doing. My laziness certainly impacts my actions far too much in my life but that’s a whole other blog post…

The point is I either have to make room for reading or stop buying so many bloody books! If anybody else has ever had this issue please tell me how to solve it because otherwise I do not see it stopping.

Niamh x



A Response

Some days you come across things on the internet that mildly irritate you, and that is normally what happens when I see someone complaining about veganism. When this happens I tend to shrug it off because I do not have the time nor effort to bother responding. Today, however, was different. Today I saw something that made blood totally boil and I really could not sit back and ignore it.

This post was an article on the Tab, an online newspaper for young journalists, and was titled “Is ‘vegan’ just a fashion trend?” I am sure most of you can already see why I was so mad. The article was an interview with a university student who believed the veganism was simply the newest trend and something no one should follow. This student, Andy Wright gave several reasons as to why this was his opinion and not a single one held any weight. Had he simply said that he was not vegan because he did not want to be then I would have ignored the article but his reasons were just incorrect and childish.

Is ‘Vegan’ just a fashion trend?

The first reason he gave as to why so many people are turning vegan was because they believed that meat comes from an unsustainable source and were concerned for the animals welfare. This much I will admit is true but Andy then goes on to say that if you, like him, the angel that he is, get your meat from a sustainable farm then everything is okay. The animals will live a happy, healthy life!!!!!!! I mean, whats not happy and healthy about living to 20% of your natural life expectancy(1) , riddled with disease and pumped full of drugs(2).

He then goes on to say that meat is good for us. Obviously he did not see that the World Health Organisation have now categorized processed meats as 1 on the carcinogenic scale meaning they cause cancer and red meat as 2A meaning they probably cause cancer. According to him a good balanced diet contains protein, which is another rare truth in this article. Only nuts, seeds, legumes and most veg are much better sources of protein than meat…

Andy then claims that we have canines for tearing meat, even though our full set of teeth are much more similar to a frugivore’s teeth than a carnivore’s teeth.

Now he comes onto why we should drink milk, and asks why we should stop after drinking our mothers milk. Well Andy, I can tell you why, because past the age of 7, our bodies cannot take it. You see there’s this thing in milk called lactose and our bodies break down the lactose into monosacoride with this thing called lactase. This is fine up until around 7/8, as this is when our bodies stop producing lactase. This means that the lactose filters straight through to our colon. Not good. And milk making us big and strong? I don’t think so.  A study done of Swedish women found that those who drank cows milk were more likely to fracture a bone. (3)

The other points in his article are all about how vegans are just following the trend but I really do not think, after all my points mentioned above, that I have to explain why this statement is false.

Hopefully Andy, and many others who agree with him, will read this post and understand why they are so, so wrong. And to all my fellow vegans out there, don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang…

Niamh x