Hidden Treasures

Something I have always loved finding are hidden treasures. A tiny cave on a beach or a quiet clearing in a wood. When these hidden treasures are history related its even better, and my most recent find was the Tudor House in Southampton. Located in the city centre, hiding behind St. Michael’s Church, this timber framed, stereotypical Tudor house holds 800 years of history, and certainly lets you explore the lot. I went with my boyfriend, a fellow history nerd, paying £3.95 to get in, a small price to pay considering the upkeep of the site. Inside there are many interactive displays, with recorded voices, light effects and even dressing up opportunities (that I fully exploited, see photos below).

But this post is not an advertisement for the Tudor House, this post, as the title suggests, is about hidden treasures. Every town has a hidden treasure,  its just up to the individual to find. Not every will have the same hidden treasures either, for me a historic masterpiece is a God-send but for others it would be just another building.

For me, hidden treasures are important because they bring a bit of joy in the form of the simple things, and in your own town, what more could you want? So many people want to travel and explore new places and, don’t get me wrong, I definitely fall into that category, but I feel this want often leaves people dissatisfied with the town or village they call home. I have always found my home town extremely boring, the people there being the only reason to go back. However, a few summers ago, my friends and I rediscovered a tiny river along a public footpath, and a shaded woodland area to accompany it. Needless to say countless picnics were had here and many hilarious memories made.

So if you spend too much time wishing you were somewhere else, try and find exciting places in your own town, these places definitely add that extra spice to life and I love them. Besides, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

Niamh x





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