I see Monday as a good day. A chance to start again, to improve, to put into practice what you may have learned from the week before. Everyone is so obsessed with New Years Resolutions but why wait a whole year to change your lifestyle and habits?

This Monday, for example, I decided I was going to do a blogilates video everyday I didn’t make it to the gym. So far I have kept to it but if I do break it I know that next week I can just start over again. I know its easier to do it in the morning so I make sure I give myself the time every morning to do it, even if it means getting up earlier. I have also found its easier to do if I have danced around my room to a few favourite songs first…

This new information means that next week it will be even easier for me to include a workout in my daily routine and is a perfect example of me using what I have learned this week in the new week facing us in a few days time.

The change may not be a physical change but a change in your outlook. I am a strong believer in think positive and positive things will happen, but it takes a long time to apply this thought process in all aspects of life. As with many things practice makes perfect, so if I have spent the past week thinking negatively then I make a conscious effort on the following Monday to seek the good things in every thing that happens. It may seem like a tiny change but I feel like it leads to an all round happier life which leads you to live a better life.

This outlook I have may be easier for me as a university student as a Monday morning does not mean the start of a 9-5 week but even if you are going to school or work for next five days a new week is a perfect opportunity for you to put extra effort into your schoolwork or for you to be more enthusiastic with other colleagues and raise the morale of the whole workforce.

I am sure I am not the only one who has this mentality but I definitely recommend it to everyone. Starting the week with a positive mindset certainly makes the rest of it more enjoyable 🙂

Niamh x



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