Away with the fairies

I’ve always been a dreamer. A wishful believer in all things magical and mystical. The stories of fairies and folklore, of witches and wizards, dragons and demons.  Anything ethereal and out of this world has caught my attention since I was a little girl and now I’m 18 nothing has changed.

At times I feel like this interest has played a massive role in shaping me as a person. My favourite book when I was younger was The Three Little Witches Storybook by Georgie Adams, a set of stories that I still remember today.  I also loved the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, a video I watched on repeat and a book I have read countless times. Irish folktales were another huge part of my childhood, especially as I am named after Princess Niamh of Tir na nOg…

However, this obsession with magic didn’t stop in my youngest years. I began reading Harry Potter when I was 9 and since then I have read every book so much the pages are nearly falling out and the films over and over again that now the DVD artwork had begun to fade. When I was 16 I bought the Lord of the Rings boxset (late I know) and I watched all three DVDs in a row, I just could not stop.

Still today at 18 years old, I watch these films over and over again, and often remember the stories I was read as a child. They’re such a strong part of my life that I recently got a witches hat tattooed onto my ribs… that’s how much magic means to me.

Arguably, many could say that I need to grow up and leave these things in my childhood, but I beg to differ. These stories shaped me as a person, teaching me not only to have fun and be confident in myself, but also certain moral codes, and that is something I am grateful for. Why should I as an adult ignore these things that shaped me so much? I’m not even sure I would define myself as an adult yet so even more reason to continue to immerse myself in these otherworldly creations. They may be there as a fun story for kids but they’re definitely an escape from reality for those older.

Niamh x



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