Blog is a weird word. It almost sounds like you have a blocked nose when said out loud and also like a character living in Middle Earth. Regardless of what it sounds like, a blog is really an ingenious idea. A perfect platform for anyone with a head full of ideas they wish to share with others. Whether or not anyone reads the posts is sometimes somewhat irrelevant to the value of what is written. I guess that’s why, for now, I’m not going to promote this blog, not until I feel the value of what I write is good enough not to depend on how many people read it. What the blog will contain will be anything from book reviews and ideas that flash up on train journeys to my views on a particular current affair, the latter being the most common. I have a lot of views on current affairs (something not everyone likes) that I wish to discuss with others, hence the creation of this blog. I want to interact with others, hear their opinion, possibly learn from them. The second reason for this blog is as a record of this era of my life, the events and memories that will impact who I grow into. For now, however, anyone reading this knows nothing at all about me, and honestly, I kinda like it that way. Sexy and mysterious? Making anyone curious? Most likely not, more of a ‘no one is at all ¬†bothered’ attitude I should imagine, but what do you expect from a girl who once watched three seasons of awkward in one night…

Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope a random act of kindness will make you smile,



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